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A Classification of Line Bundles over a Scheme

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In this paper, we attempt to indicate the links between representations over a Lie algebra and line bundles over a scheme. Our hypothesis is that we can make a correspondence between representations of a solvable Lie algebra and line bundles. Finally, we study the decomposition of these bundles by using the representation theory over solvable Lie algebras.

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Correspondence to Hossein Kheiri.

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Kheiri, H., Rahmati, F. & Etemad, A. A Classification of Line Bundles over a Scheme. Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci 44, 259–263 (2020).

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  • Line bundle
  • Representation theory
  • Solvable Lie algebra

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • Primary 14H60
  • Secondary 17B10