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Inspection of Lorentz and Coriolis Forces in Hybrid Fluid Flow Between Two Surfaces with Entropy Optimization

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Entropy optimization of magnetohydrodynamic flow of hybrid nanomaterial in a rotating system is addressed. Fluid between two plates is discussed. Dissipation, Joule heating and radiation in energy expression are studied. The nonlinear partial differential equation is converted into ordinary differential equation with the help of appropriate variables. Newton built-in shooting technique is employed. Novel aspects of entropy optimization, velocity, Bejan number and temperature have been graphically analyzed. Surface drag force and gradient of temperature are examined for various influential parameters. Velocity and temperature have opposite behaviors for magnetic parameter. Entropy optimization and Bejan number for radiation parameter have a similar impact in a qualitative sense.

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  • Entropy generation
  • Hybrid nanofluid
  • Nanofluid
  • Thermal radiation
  • Viscous dissipation
  • Joule heating