Notes on Water Striders (Heteroptera: Gerridae) in Southwest Iran with a Description of a New Macropterous Form of Metrocoris communis (Distant, 1910)

  • Zohreh Khazaei
  • Saber SadeghiEmail author
Research Paper


In a sample collection trip across Fars Province, Iran, Gerris thoracicus, G. costae, G. argentatus, and Metrocoris communis were found and macropterous form of M. communis is described for the first time.


Heteroptera Gerridae Fauna Fars Province Iran 



We would like to thank Dr. Jakob Damgaard for his kind guidance and advice, Dr. Filippo Maria Buzzetti (Section of Zoology, Civic Museum of Rovereto, Rovereto, Italy) for sharing some references and Prof. Dr. Klaus Schönitzer (ZSM) for sending the pictures of specimens to assist in identification. This work was supported by the Shiraz University and the Department of Environments of Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran.


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