Szász–Gamma Operators Based on Dunkl Analogue

  • Abdul Wafi
  • Nadeem RaoEmail author
Research Paper


In this article, we introduce Szász–Gamma operators based on Dunkl analogue. We discuss basic approximation results in terms of the classical Korovkin theorem and modulus of continuity. For our operators, we investigate local approximation results by means of Peetre’s K-functional, second order modulus of smoothness, the Lipschitz class and the Lipschitz maximal function. Next, we present weighted approximation theorems by means of a Korovkin type theorem and weighted modulus of continuity. Lastly, A-Statistical approximation result and rate of convergence for functions with derivative of bounded variation are also studied.


Dunkl analogue Durrmeyer operators Szász–Gamma operators Rate of convergence 

Mathematics Subject Classification

41A10 41A25 41A28 41A30 41A35 41A36 


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© Shiraz University 2017

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural SciencesJamia Millia IslamiaNew DelhiIndia

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