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Social and economic rights of refugees under international legal framework: An appraisal

  • Ruchi LalEmail author


The primary obligations to respect, protect, and ensure the enjoyment of human rights of refugees under international convention rests with the states by passing suitable domestic legislation or otherwise. Likewise for the social and economic rights of the refugees. Being in a foreign country, refugees are most vulnerable to the deprivation of minimum subsistence rights like right to work, education, housing, as well as physical and mental health. Since flight to safety cannot always be planned and majority of them do not have any valuable possessions, refugees are often dependent upon host country for their survival needs. Failure of the state to guarantee adequate social and economic conditions to refugees may result in violation of their right to life and the prohibition of discrimination amongst various refugees. A deprivation of social and economic rights to refugees, insofar as it forestalls them from realizing an adequate standard of living, arguably, amounts to indirect refoulement. Such a denial of basic survival rights is most likely to force the refugees to return to their country of origin where they maybe continued danger of being persecuted.


Social and economic rights Refugees International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights Refugee Convention 


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