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Anthea Roberts: Is international law international?

Oxford University Press, New York, 2017, xxvi + 406 pp, Hardcover, £28.99, ISBN: 9780190696412
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Book Review

Anthea Roberts’ monograph Is International Law International? is an analysis of the approaches of both practitioners and academics towards public international law in the five permanent member states of the United Nations Security Council. She studies the historical, geo-political, educational and socio-economic factors which have played a role not only in the evolution of research and study of public international law in these states, but also in defining the vastly different and often parochial understanding of the subject by international law practitioners and academics in these states.

This study was inspired by her experiences working in the United States, where she encountered an unfamiliar “foreign” approach to public international law, different from her previous academic experiences in the United Kingdom and Australia. This prompted her to question whether international law transcended national boundaries or whether international law being actually “international” was merely...


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