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National Academy of Inventors

On December 11, 2018, the National Academy of Inventors named 148 renowned academic inventors with the distinction of NAI Fellow in recognition of their extraordinary impact in fields such as biomedical engineering, computer science, and laser photonics.

More than 25 senior leaders and presidents representing 125 research universities and non-profits research institutes, 3 Nobel Laureates, and 5 recipients of the U.S. National Medal of Technology & Innovation and U.S. National Medal of Science, among other awards and distinctions, represent the 2018 class of NAI Fellows.

“I am very proud to welcome another class of outstanding NAI Fellows, whose collective achievements have helped shape the future and who each day work to improve our world,” said Paul R. Sanberg, President of the NAI. “Each of these new NAI Fellows embody the Academy’s mission through their dedication, creativity, and inventive spirit. I look forward to working...


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