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Exotic \({\mathbb {G}}_{a}\)-quotients of \(\mathrm {SL}_{2}\times {\mathbb {A}}^{1}\)

  • Adrien DuboulozEmail author
Research Article


Every deformed Koras–Russell threefold of the first kind \(Y=\{ x^{n}z=y^{m}-t^{r}+xh(x,y,t)\} \) in \({\mathbb {A}}^{4}\) is the algebraic quotient of proper Zariski locally trivial \({\mathbb {G}}_{a}\)-action on \(\mathrm {SL}_{2}\times {\mathbb {A}}^{1}\).


Deformed Koras–Russell threefolds Zariski Cancellation Problem Exotic spheres Additive group actions 

Mathematics Subject Classification

14R05 14R20 14L30 



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  1. 1.IMB UMR5584, CNRSUniv. Bourgogne Franche-ComtéDijonFrance

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