On the apparatus of differentiation DI–DV for posets

  • Agustín Moreno CañadasEmail author
  • Veronica Cifuentes Vargas


The apparatus of differentiation DI–DV was introduced by A.G. Zavadskij to classify different kind of posets, in particular, Zavadskij et al. described categorical properties of algorithms of differentiation DI and DII as Gabriel did for the algorithm of differentiation with respect to a maximal point introduced by Nazarova and Roiter. In this paper, it is presented categorical properties of the algorithms of differentiation DIII, DIV and DV for posets with involution.


Algorithm of differentiation Categorical equivalence Gabriel quiver Indecomposable representation Matrix problem \({\mathscr {P}}\)-space Poset with involution Quiver Representation of posets 

Mathematics Subject Classification

16G20 16G60 16G30 


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