Strong Edge-Coloring of Pseudo-Halin Graphs

  • Xiangwen LiEmail author
  • Jian-Bo Lv


A strong edge-coloring of a graph G is a proper edge-coloring such that every path of length 3 uses three different colors. The strong chromatic index of a graph G, denoted by \(\chi _{s}^\prime (G)\), is the minimum number of colors needed for a strong edge-coloring of G. In this paper, we show that \(\chi _{s}^\prime (G)\le 3\Delta -2\) for any pseudo-Halin graph G with \(\Delta \ge 4\).


Strong edge-coloring Strong chromatic index Halin graphs Pseudo-Halin graphs 



The authors would like to thank the anonymous referees for the valuable comments which improve the presentation.


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