Dynamical Behavior for a Stochastic Predator–Prey Model with HV Type Functional Response

  • Bo DuEmail author
  • Maolin Hu
  • Xiuguo Lian


This paper establishes the existence-and-uniqueness theorem of a stochastic delayed predator–prey model with Hassell–Varley type functional response and examines stochastically ultimate boundedness, extinction and global asymptotic stability of this solution. It is interesting to note that the results are based on time-varying delay, which is different from the previous work (the results are delay-independent). Some numerical simulations are introduced to support the analytical findings.


Hassell–Varley type functional response Delay Existence Stability 

Mathematics Subject Classification

34C57 58E05 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsHuaiyin Normal UniversityHuaianPeople’s Republic of China

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