Shape Memory and Superelasticity

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SMST Founders’ Grant: Deadline for Applications is January 11, 2019


The International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST), an affiliate society of ASM International, is seeking applications for the 2019 SMST Founders’ Grant. The intent of the SMST Founders’ Grant is to provide funding for early, exploratory research related to shape memory and superelasticity. It is expected that the funds will be used as a “seed grant” to test a concept and lay a foundation for obtaining further funding from industry or government agencies. The grant, which is financially funded in 2019 by Dr. T. W. Duerig, includes a stipend up to $50,000.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: improved properties of shape memory materials, methods of engineering microstructure, lifetime prediction, the mechanics and crystallography of transformations, new materials and alloying additions, improved processing methods and advanced manufacturing methods, and new applications.

Judging will be equally based on the following four factors: overall quality of the proposal, value of research, realistic ability to execute plan (clear path to deliverables), and potential of gaining sustained funding beyond grant period. Each submission will be evaluated by the SMST Founders’ Grant Selection Committee appointed by the SMST Board, which includes the founding SMST Members, current SMST President, and SMST Board Members appointed by the SMST president. Proposals will be judged based on their uniqueness of concept; ingenuity; project planning, in basic or applied research; and ability to further the knowledge and understanding of shape memory materials.

The deadline to submit an application for the 2019 SMST Grant is January 11, 2019. The recipient will be notified by mid-April 2019 and announced at the 2019 SMST Conference in Germany. The recipient(s) will present research results at the 2021 SMST Conference. Please visit the ASM International website for further details: or contact

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