Analysis of MAP/PH(1), PH(2)/2 Queue with Bernoulli Schedule Vacation, Bernoulli Feedback and Renege of Customers

  • G. Ayyappan
  • R. GowthamiEmail author
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A classical queueing model with two servers in which the inter arrival times follow Markovian arrival process, the service times are phase type distributed and the remaining random variables are exponentially distributed is studied in this paper. The resulting QBD process is investigated in the steady state by employing matrix-analytic method. We have also done the busy period analysis of our model and discussed about the waiting time distribution for our system. Some of the performance measures are provided. Finally, a few numerical and graphical examples are given.


Phase type distribution Markovian arrival process Bernoulli vacation Bernoulli feedback Renege of customers 

Mathematics Subject Classification

60K25 68M20 90B22 



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