A Robust Rotated-Hybrid Riemann Scheme for Multidimensional Inviscid Compressible Flows

  • Pascalin Tiam KapenEmail author
  • Tchuen Ghislain
Original Paper


A robust algorithm is investigated for multidimensional inviscid compressible flows, based on rotated Riemann solver framework. Indeed, the proposed method combines the TV-HLL and Roe schemes. The upwind direction is imposed by the velocity-difference vector. Then, the TV-HLL solver is applied in the direction perpendicular to shocks in order to suppress carbuncle. In addition, the Roe solver is applied across shear layers to minimize the amount of dissipation. To assess the capabilities of the present method, numerous test problems (2D and 3D) are simulated.


TV-HLL Roe Rotated Riemann scheme Inviscid flows 



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  1. 1.IUT-FV, LISIE/L2MSPUniversity of DschangBandjounCameroon
  2. 2.Université des Montagnes, ISSTBangangtéCameroon

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