Numerical Solutions of Dissipative Natural Convective Flow from a Vertical Cone with Heat Absorption, Generation, MHD and Radiated Surface Heat Flux

  • R. M. Kannan
  • Bapuji Pullepu
  • Sabir Ali ShehzadEmail author
Original Paper


The laminar natural convective hydromagnetic viscous fluid flow induced by a cone under aspect of radiated heat flux with thermal radiation, heat absorption and generation is addressed here. The basic equations of conservation of momentum, mass and energy are utilized for the modeling of physical problem. The consequential expressions are worked out by using Crank–Nicholson approach. The implementation of this method leads to conversion of non-dimensional expressions into system of tri-diagonal expressions. The obtain numerical data is visualized for momentum, local-average shear stresses, rate of heat transportation and temperature for various constraints Pr, Δ, M, ε and Rd with the help of graphical sketches. It is reported that the temperature of liquid is boost up with an enhancement in heat generation constraint. The larger Prandtl number corresponds to weaker temperature profiles. The average shear stress coefficient increase for higher radiation constraints and Prandtl number.


Finite difference method MHD Thermal radiation Viscous dissipation Vertical cone 

List of Symbols

\( F_{0}^{''} (0) \)

Shear-stress co-efficient in Ref: [13]


Grashof number


Rate of change of velocity due to gravity


Thermal conductivity


Mean sink co-efficient


Reference span


Magnetic constraint


Local Nusselt number


Dimensionless Local Nusselt numeral

\( \overline{Nu} \)

Dimensionless average Nusselt numeral


Prandtl number


Uniform wall heat flux per unit area


Non-dimensional local radius of the cone


Local radius of the cone




Non-dimensional temperature




Non-dimensional time


Non-dimensional velocity in X-direction


Velocity component in x-direction


Non-dimensional velocity in Y-direction


Rate component in y-direction


Non-dimensional spatial co-ordinate


Spatial coefficient along cone generator


Non-dimensional spatial coefficient along the normal to the cone generator


Spatial coefficient along the normal to the cone generator

Greek Symbols


Thermal diffusivity


Volumetric thermal expansion


Electrical conductivity


Stefan–Boltzmann constant


Non-dimensional heat source/sink constraint


Non-dimensional time step


Non-dimensional finite difference grid size in X-direction


Non-dimensional finite difference grid size in Y-direction


Viscous dissipation parameter


Semi vertical angle of the cone


Dynamic viscosity


Kinematic viscosity




Non-dimensional local skin friction


Non-dimensional local skin friction

\( \bar{\tau } \)

Non-dimensional average skin friction



Condition on the wall

Free stream condition


Compliance with Ethical Standards

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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  • Bapuji Pullepu
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  • Sabir Ali Shehzad
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  2. 2.Department of MathematicsCOMSATS University IslamabadSahiwalPakistan

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