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The Passions and the Interests of Martin Krygier

  • Deval DesaiEmail author

As anyone who knows Martin Krygier can attest, he is a man of numerous and varied qualities. Indeed, he has been described thus: Philosophical lawyer.1 Social theorist.2 Gadfly.3 Polemicist. Intermittent twitter user.4 Good company.5 And some others perhaps only he should divulge. In my short time knowing Martin, he has proved himself to be all these and more.

I currently sit in an institution named after another polynomial scholar and social theorist, Albert Hirschman. It strikes me that there are several parallels to be drawn between these two eminent scholars that offer guidance for what it means to be engaged in the practice and study of the rule of law. In particular, I want to discuss the most enduring mark they have left on me—as an exemplar of what it means to bear the office of an engaged scholar.

I have worked on the rule of law for many years, and committed myself to both theorize practice and practice theorizing. It was in this context that I first met Martin and was struck...


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  1. 1.Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy, Graduate InstituteGenevaSwitzerland

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