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Impact of Heat Treatment on Mechanical, Wear and Corrosion Behaviour of In Situ AlB2 Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Produced by Liquid Metallurgy Route

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The present investigation is carried out on Al-xAlB2 (x = 1, 3 and 5 wt%) in situ composites combined and created by methods using exothermic response between molten aluminium and mixed halide salts KBF4 and Na3AlF6 at a temperature of 800–850 °C by employing fluid metallurgy route. The base matrix and specimens of in situ composites were presented to solutionizing treatment at a temperature of 535 °C for 60 min and sought after by water extinguishing. The extinguished smothered composite specimens were presented to artificial ageing and maintained at a temperature of 175 °C for 10 h. The in situ composite specimens were presented to microstructure assessment and the result uncovered that clean and even AlB2 particulates dispersed reliably with incredible interfacial holding and detachments were noted all through the matrix by employing SEM/EDS equipment. By far, maximum of the AlB2 particles appear with different structures encompassing tube-formed, hexagonal, spherical and rectangle shapes. The XRD models uncovered the course of action of AlB2 particulates without the nearness of some other synthetic compound. The composites specimens were assessed for mechanical, wear and corrosion tests by the ASTM measures by using UTM, Pin-on-Disc and potentiodynamic corrosion testing machine. The heat-treated composites overhauled the mechanical properties, for instance, ultimate tensile strength, compression and hardness properties, and wear rate diminished with heat-treated in situ composites with increase in the wt% of AlB2 particulates pliability of the composite lessened. Tafel polarization bends by potentiodynamic equipment have brought a part of the electro compound parameters and presumes that higher erosion opposition was offered by heat-treated composites and appeared differently in relation to as-cast and untreated composites in the picked consumption media.

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We gratefully thank Visvesvaraya Technological University, Jnana Sangama, Belagavi for support extended to this research work.

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