Investigations on Machining and Wear Characteristics of Al 7075/Nano-SiC Composites with WEDM

  • S. SureshEmail author
  • D. Sudhakara


Nanometal matrix composite materials are broadly used around the world in manufacturing industries. It is extremely hard to machine metal matrix nanocomposites by traditional machining techniques. Therefore, nonconventional machining methods are used to eliminate these problems. Wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) reveals a much higher ability for cutting intricate contours with higher accuracy and reliability for nanocomposite materials. In the present investigation, the impacts of WEDM process parameters like gap voltage, pulse-off time, pulse-on time, and the current were examined. Al 7075 reinforced with nano-silicon carbide with average particle dimension of 50 nm is fabricated by employing liquid-state stir casting technique, and machining also was carried out in the WEDM using design of experiments technique. The material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness (Ra) for various groups of experimentations were investigated. The effects of the weight content of nanoparticle reinforcement on MRR and Ra were explored. In addition, microstructural analytic optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, X-ray diffraction analysis, and wear-behavior assessments were conducted on the fabricated nanocomposite samples, and their outcomes were evaluated. It has been noticed that MRR decreases when the wt% of nano-reinforcement increases and Ra increases.


Al7075 Nano-SiC WEDM SEM XRD 



The corresponding author wishes to thank the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Siddartha Institute of Science and Technology (Autonomous) Puttur, India, for providing facilities and necessary support in conducting experiments and for useful discussion in the research work.

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