A review on optical fiber sensors for environmental monitoring

  • Hang-Eun Joe
  • Huitaek Yun
  • Seung-Hwan Jo
  • Martin B.G. Jun
  • Byung-Kwon Min
Review Paper


Environmental monitoring has become essential in order to deal with environmental resources efficiently and safely in the realm of green technology. Environmental monitoring sensors are required for detection of environmental changes in industrial facilities under harsh conditions, (e.g. underground or subsea pipelines) in both the temporal and spatial domains. The utilization of optical fiber sensors is a promising scheme for environmental monitoring of this kind, owing to advantages including resistance to electromagnetic interference, durability under extreme temperatures and pressures, high transmission rate, light weight, small size, and flexibility. In this paper, the optical fiber sensors employed in environmental monitoring are summarized for understanding of their sensing principles and fabrication processes. Numerous specific applications in petroleum engineering, civil engineering, and agricultural engineering are explored, followed by discussion on the potentials of OFS in manufacturing.


Fiber-optic sensor Sensor fabrication Fiber gratings Distributed sensor Environmental sensor 



Optical fiber sensor


Fiber Bragg grating


Long period fiber grating


Mach-Zehnder interferometer


Michelson interferometer


Fabry-Perot interferometer


Distributed acoustic system


Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry


Optical frequency -Domain Reflectometry


Optical fiber sensor


Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis


Brillouin Optical Frequency Domain Analysis


Refractive index






Near infrared


Single-Mode fiber


Multi-Mode fiber


Photonic crystal fiber


Hollow optical fiber


Coreless silica fiber


Distributed temperature sensor


Structural health monitoring


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