Laser micromachining of permalloy for fine metal mask

  • Junyeon Heo
  • Hyungsuk Min
  • Myeongkyu LeeEmail author


We show that crack-free drilled structures with 25 μm hole size can be fabricated in the 12 μm-thick Permalloy foil by a nanosecond ultraviolet laser with low pulse energy and high repetition rate. The number of pulses required for drilling decreased with increasing pulse energy. The obtained hole exhibited a smaller size than the laser spot, implying that only the central part of a focused Gaussian beam contributed to the drilling. Debris and burr incurring as a result of the laser micromachining could be quickly removed by etching in an HCl/HNO3 solution. This made it possible to obtain a clear structure without any debris remaining on the foil. This laserdirect process may be effectively utilized for fabricating fine metal masks necessary for the production of organic light emitting diode displays and other electronic devices.


Laser micromachining Fine metal mask Permalloy Organic light emitting diode 



directional orientation of the system


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