François Duchesneau: Organisme et Corps Organique de Leibniz à Kant. Paris, Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin, coll. “Mathesis,” 2018, 522 p. ISBN 978-2-7116-2818-6

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This new book of François Duchesneau is a further contribution to his monumental work on the history of the life sciences in the early modern period he has been building since the publication of La Physiologie des Lumières (The Hague, Boston, London: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers; 1982; new ed. 2012). The guiding thread of this whole work is the idea that the Leibnizian legacy, however complex and ambiguous it might have been, played a central role in this history, and that Leibnizian concepts such as the monad and the organic body, re-shaped and re-interpreted by a number of authors, contributed to the emergence of biology in the last decades of the eighteenth century. After a volume devoted to the models of the living from Descartes to Leibniz (Duchesneau, F. Les Modèles du vivant de Descartes à Leibniz. Paris: Vrin, 1998), and a work specifically centered on the biological thought of Leibniz himself (Duchesneau, F. Leibniz. Le vivant et l’organisme. Paris: Vrin, 2010), Duchesneau...


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