ANYA PLUTYNSKI, Explaining cancer. Finding order in disorder, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, 280pp., £47.99.

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Cancer is a complex disease, or rather a set of complex diseases. There is a great deal of variation between cancers, and even within individual cancers. What is true for one cancer might not apply to another and one cancer cell is not representative of another of the same tumor. Moreover, cancers are multifactorial diseases. Often patients wonder why they got cancer, and there is no single answer to their question. Environmental factors (e.g. smoking, UV exposure), physiological factors (e.g. inflammation, aging), genetic factors (inherited or acquired mutations), and many other factors can be involved in cancer development and progression. Many disciplines can shed light on cancer. As stated by Anya Plutynski: “different methods may be fruitfully deployed in service of distinct aims. The best tool for the job depends to an important extent on what we wish to predict or explain or how we wish to intervene” (p. 7). Thus, in her book Explaining Cancer, Plutynski explores how research...


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