Scott Lidgard and Lynn K. Nyhart (eds.), Biological individuality: integrating scientific, philosophical and historical perspectives

Chicago (Illinois)/London (England): The University of Chicago Press, 2017, 361 pp., $25
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The topic of biological individuality has caught the attention of researchers for centuries, and its study has historically been approached from different disciplines, including biology, history, and philosophy. These different approaches seem to be required due to the cross-disciplinary nature of the phenomenon, as well as its complexity, which demands an interdisciplinary analysis where researchers bring different types of expertise. Scott Lydgard and Lynn N. Nyhart seek to deepen the collaboration among the three disciplines precisely by putting biologists and philosophers together to reflect with historians on the controversial phenomenon of biological individuality. The result is Biological Individuality, an extremely rich volume written under the premise that “biologists, historians of biology, and philosophers of biology can learn more about individuals and individuality by working together in concert than by working separately” (p. 1).

Biological Individualitycontains 10...

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