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Christian Sachse: Philosophie de la biologie. Enjeux et perspectives

Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes, Lausanne, 2011, viii + 225 pp
  • Francesca MerlinEmail author
Book Review

Christian Sachse’s Philosophie de la biologie offers a well-written and timely introduction to contemporary issues in philosophy of biology, which is easily accessible to both undergraduate and graduate students with no training in life sciences. This book fills a major gap in philosophy of biology textbooks in French: since François Duchesneau’s Philosophie de la biologie, published in 1997, no volume providing an introductory and systematic analysis of philosophical debates about biology had been published in French-speaking countries.

As stated at the beginning of the introduction, Sachse’s book is focused on the philosophical problems raised by evolutionary theory. This is unfortunate since, until fairly recently, philosophy of biology had been dominated by reflections on evolutionary biology to the expense of other biological disciplines dealing with the construction and functioning of individual organisms, such as molecular and developmental biology, physiology and related...

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