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Editorial: An Introduction to the Special Section on Diverse Origins of Graduate Training Programs in Behavior Analysis

  • James E. CarrEmail author
  • Melissa R. Nosik
  • Molli M. Luke
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Applied behavior analysis has grown considerably as a profession in recent decades, an assertion that is supported by numerous metrics. In the USA alone, dozens of state laws have been enacted to fund behavior-analytic treatment (Autism Speaks, 2016) and regulate behavior-analytic practice through licensure (Association of Professional Behavior Analysts, 2016). In addition, the demand for behavior-analytic practitioners in the USA more than doubled from 2012 through 2014 (Burning Glass, 2015) and the number of Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) certificants has grown by 154 % in the last 5 years (to 22,908 in April 2016). These recognition and demand variables have led to the development of a number of new graduate training programs in behavior analysis, and continued growth will likely necessitate further program development and expansion.

Developing a new graduate-training program or increasing the capacity of an existing one can be challenging due to bureaucratic barriers...


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