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Peter Gilliver: The making of Oxford English dictionary

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2016, 688 p, ISBN-13: 978-0199283620, ISBN-10: 0199283621
  • Anna Marietta da SilvaEmail author
Book Review

The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary (TMOED) is not the first piece of work on the creation of the OED. At least three authors have done similar work within the quarter century, e.g., Willinsky (1994), Winchester (2003) and Ogilvie (2012). All of them admit the OED as the greatest work in the history of the English words compilation and narrate the complexity surround the birth of the OED. However, each book has different highlights. With two-hundred and sixty four pages, the first, written by a teacher and author, focuses on the authority of a dictionary to answer a curious question of “Where do all meanings of words in the dictionary come from?” (Willinsky 1994). The second illustrates the history of compiling the OED using an imaginative style of a former geologist, journalist and author across two-hundred and eighty-eight pages (Winchester 2003). The last, with two-hundred and sixty-eight pages analytically written by a former OED lexicographer, attempts to confirm that OED...



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