Neuroscientist, in Love

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Artist’s Statement

This poem was inspired by three of my greatest joys: neuroscience, comedy, and my partner. With a dose of humor, and an even healthier helping of neuroscientific reference and analogy, I chose to express my feelings for her in prose. The poem’s lyrics are a bit tongue-in-cheek—but not to the extent of a frank hypoglossal palsy, as the underlying sentiment of affection prevails.

Neuroscientist, in love

If I were more poetic,

More articulate,

I would write you a poem

With no science in it

And so, here I am,

Fixed on empiric fact;

It was either the prose herein,

Or submitting an abstract –

But save charts and graphs,

It’s difficult to describe this;

My second best try is

Methodically off-rhyming –

Perchance to potentiate

Pair bonding and passion;

A sentiment foretold

Of mirror neuron attraction –

Limbic in your presence,

Not bulbar, but tongue-tied,

Stirring Broca’s aphasia,

And seizing all sulci

Of my left frontal lobe –

Gelastic or drunken,

A sprightly burst projects

To my nucleus accumbens –

Is my love pre-motor,

Or do I have a say?

Organic, chance, or fated,

I hope the feeling stays –

Yet if I were more poetic

And considerably more aesthetic,

I would have written you a ballad

With an edge much more romantic

And, indeed, somewhat sappy,

But that simply is not me –

So I hope your brain’s releasing

A healthy dose of dopamine.


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