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“Flipping” the Academic Half-Day to Create an Opportunity for Faculty Development

  • Seamus M. Bhatt-Mackin
  • Jane P. GagliardiEmail author
Column: Educational Case Report

Barriers to providing faculty development have been noted by a variety of authors and include space, time, compensation, and reward [1, 2]. Recommendations to improve faculty development include providing funding for and recognition of faculty development, sharing resources (for instance, through MedEdPORTAL), allocating space and budgets, and increasing grant availability for educational projects [2]. In our institution, resident didactic time (one-half day per week for all residents, all on the same day) has been “protected” (meaning that faculty members cover the clinical services and provide direct patient care in the absence of trainees) since 2003. We were able to use the structure of the protected academic half-day and “flip” it so faculty members would have an opportunity to participate in protected time for faculty development in educational strategies.

Setting and Problem

In our program, despite a diverse and talented group of core faculty members, resident surveys (including...


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  1. 1.Duke University School of MedicineDurhamUSA

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