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Attitude of an Egyptian Sample of Medical Students Toward Psychiatry in Comparison to Previous Studies Using the Attitudes Towards Psychiatry (ATP-30) Questionnaire

  • Amr Said ShalabyEmail author
Empirical Report



This study aims to determine the attitude of medical students toward psychiatry at the College of Medicine, Menoufia University, Egypt, and to compare it with previous similar studies in other countries.


Four hundred medical students, randomly selected from four different years, completed the Attitudes Towards Psychiatry (ATP-30) in a cross-sectional study.


The mean ATP score was 99.31; 76.3 % of the students had favorable attitudes toward psychiatry and 29.5 % considered psychiatry as a potential career choice.


A generally positive attitude toward psychiatry was found among medical students in Menoufia University. Consistent with this positive attitude was the relatively high percentage of students who considered psychiatry as a potential career.


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