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At the end or just at the beginning?

Review of “Planning Later Life-Bioethics and Public Health in Ageing Societies”: edited by Mark Schweda, Larissa Pfaller, Kai Brauer, Frank Adloff, and Silke Schicktanz
  • Martin SandEmail author
Book Review

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, life expectancy in most countries of the Northern hemisphere increases steadily. It seems, however, that policy makers, researchers and the public are just at the beginning of understanding the momentum of this development. One peculiar result of the increased awareness of the implications of ageing societies follows the crude logic of public media: the dramatization and exaggeration of the challenges arising from this. One of the highest-circulating weekly magazines in Germany, the SPIEGEL, has just recently published a report entitled “At the end” about the so-called national “care catastrophe.” (Fichtner 2018) To properly understand the implications of an increasing life expectancy for societies and individuals, it will be essential to resist such dramatization of old age and establish a more balanced point of view. It is a great pleasure to see that the editors of “Planning Later Life” make a bold attempt in this direction by providing...


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