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Big data related technologies, challenges and future prospects

Min Chen, Shiwen Mao, Yin Zhang and Victor C. M. Leung New York: Springer, 2014 ISBN 978-3-319-06244-0 (printed book), 978-3-319-06245-7 (e-book), 89 pp, USD54.99 (printed book), USD39.99 (e-book)
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Big data is the large or complex data that exceed the processing capacity of conventional data processing systems. This book provides a big picture in this broad research area, covering all the phases of its value chains. The authors have attempted to survey most of the relevant technologies in each phrase of big data. The book is recommended for readers interested in advanced research in big data, also for industry practitioners who are interested in building big data applications. If the reader is not with necessary technical background, complementary readings may be needed.

The book contains three parts: Chapter 1–2 introduce the preliminary knowledge on big data. Chapters 3–5 cover four phases of the value chains of big data. Chapters 6–7 present key big data applications and discuss future research and application trend.

Chapter 1 defines the concepts and features of big data, then reviews the history of big data, and discussed the challenges in the development of big data...


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