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, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 317–346

Development of a mobile toolkit to support research on human mobility behavior using GPS trajectories

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GPS tracking is a common empirical research method to gain information about human mobility behavior. Based on the recorded GPS trajectories it is possible to analyze and explain motion spatially, and temporally. More comprehensive explanations of specific movement patterns require the coupling with other survey techniques such as trip diaries, interviews, and questionnaires, which are widespread data acquisition methods in tourism research. However, GPS-based surveys require a high effort in the preparation and post-processing of the data, and expertise in both, information technologies and tourism research. In order to prepare the data for the analysis in geographic information systems a number of steps with different tools is necessary. In this paper the GimToP Toolkit (GTK) is presented that integrates the methodological approach and the technology in an easy-to-handle manner. The GTK combines trajectory data with digital questionnaires based on a mobile application that is used for the data collection and preprocessing tasks. Connected to a server, which offers a service-oriented architecture, the GTK has the ability to process the survey data and to provide interoperability for the analysis in other applications. This paper presents the components of the GTK and shows its usage during two field studies, which are carried out in the city of Wernigerode and the Harz National Park in Germany. The results offer new insights in the movement behavior of the tourists and can be used to support a more sustainable development of the destinations.


GPS tracking Tourist mobility behavior Trajectory analysis Mobile systems Geographic information systems 

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  1. 1.Faculty of Automation and Computer ScienceHarz University of Applied SciencesWernigerodeGermany

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