Calabria: a successful experience implementing Herpes Zoster vaccination strategies

  • Sandro GiuffridaEmail author
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Recently, the National Immunization Plan (NIP) in Italy has highlighted the importance of immunization practices also for adults, including vaccinations against influenza, Pneumococcus (PNO) and HZ. In response to the NIP, the Calabria region decided to offer HZ vaccination to the two cohorts of 65- and 70-year-old subjects. We at the Reggio Calabria Local Health Services, concentrated our efforts on addressing all the above-mentioned shortcomings and, as a first measure, we addressed the convenience problem by scheduling the HZ vaccine administration during the same visit as the pneumococcal vaccination (PCV13 vaccine). The adhesion rates were satisfactory in both cohorts—such high levels of vaccine coverage for HZ and PCV13 had never been reached before in our region and are still among the highest in Italy. However, the main result was undoubtedly the significantly high rate of PCV13 and HZ vaccine co-administration without safety problems.


Herpers zoster vaccine Co-administration PCV13 vaccine 


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