Mindfulness and mindful eating: reflections on how individuals with cystic fibrosis may benefit

  • Helen Egan
  • Michail Mantzios
Letter to the Editor

As the life expectancy of individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) increases, so does the need to further develop psychosocial care, advice and interventions. The need to maintain optimal nutritional status has not been easy for the past decades for clinicians and individuals with CF, contributing to maladaptive nutritional intake for some people. This letter briefly suggests how research and clinical practice that incorporates mindfulness and mindful eating can improve the nutritional well-being of individuals with CF.

Research with regard to generic eating experiences and behaviours within CF populations which could help us understand how eating can be improved to fully achieve the maintenance of a healthy weight is scarce. Nutritional advice derived from clinicians and dieticians is often focused on practical and useful tips (i.e. what to eat, how to prepare meals, amount of calories needed daily), and there is a general consensus that behavioural advice does increase the impact of,...


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