A nonlocal wave–particle duality

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We propose and analyse a modified ghost-interference experiment, and show that revealing the particle nature of a particle passing through a double-slit hides the wave nature of a spatially separated particle which it is entangled with. We derive a nonlocal duality relation, \({\mathcal D}_1^2 + {\mathcal V}_2^2 \le 1\), which connects the path distinguishability of one particle to the interference visibility of the other. It extends Bohr’s principle of complementarity to a nonlocal scenario. We also propose a ghost quantum eraser in which, erasing the which-path information of one particle brings back the interference fringes of the other.


Complementarity Wave–particle duality Entanglement 



M. A. Siddiqui thanks the University Grants Commission, India, for financial support. Authors thank an anonymous referee for suggesting changes which improved the clarity of the discussion.


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