Medications for Chronic Conditions and Periodontal Disease

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Purpose of the Review

This study aims to review the current literature and consider the use of medication in the medical literature and medication in the treatment of periodontal inflammation. Review articles and non-human studies were avoided. Pain-killers and antibiotics were not covered. Modified tetracycline was, however, included. Non-surgical periodontal therapy remains standard of care procedure in the management of periodontal inflammation.

Recent Findings

There is a large volume of publications with findings from adjunct treatment of periodontitis using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also including aspirin. In recent years (2015–2018), there are with the exception of in vitro and animal studies. There are currently few human studies assessing the safety and efficacy of such medication to treat periodontal inflammation alone. In contrast, the medical literature has a large volume of such studies to control inflammatory processes. Foremost, studies primarily on cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis have contributed information on the use of statins, bisphosphonates, cytokine inhibitors, and prednisone in the management of inflammation. Several of these studies have also identified that patients on such medication may benefit from reduced clinical evidence of periodontal inflammation. Due to side effects from many anti-inflammatory medications sole treatment of periodontal inflammation has yet to be considered. Diet rich in flavonoids may also provide potential benefits in the control of periodontal inflammation.


There is currently no scientific evidence to suggest anti-inflammatory treatment of periodontal inflammation. There are in vitro and non-human studies suggesting that some anti-inflammatory drugs may be effective in reducing the extent of periodontal inflammation. It should be recognized that patients under medical care may receive added dental benefits as the result of anti-inflammatory treatment of another systemic disease.


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