The Use of Growth Factors for Guided Bone Regeneration in Clinical Periodontics

  • Harjit Singh SehgalEmail author
  • Steven D. Hokett
  • James A. Katancik
Clinical Periodontics (Y Stathopoulou, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

The primary purpose of this literature review is to determine the effectiveness of available growth factors for oral guided bone regeneration surgery in clinical periodontics. Secondarily, the authors clarify questions regarding the use of specific growth factors to optimize clinical outcomes.

Recent Findings

Current research indicates that growth factors may enhance initial periodontal wound healing; however, there is limited evidence to support their use in guided bone regeneration surgical procedures, to include peri-implant bone regeneration.


The use of biologic mediators, such as growth factors, as an adjunct to regeneration of extraction sites, edentulous site defects, or for dental implant site development must be carefully evaluated by clinicians to determine if the additional effort and expense will significantly enhance clinical outcome. Growth factors may provide the greatest benefit for enhanced wound healing in a compromised patient or in sites with severe hard and soft tissue defects or during retreatment.


Growth factor(s) Oral guided bone regeneration Dental implants 


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