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Sonography of the ankle

  • Stefano BianchiEmail author

The idea for this special number of Journal of Ultrasound arose from the Editor in chief of the journal, Ferdinando Draghi, and myself as a result of our longstanding friendship and previous publication in 2012 of a monothematic musculoskeletal number written by Italian authors and French speaking authors of the SIMS (Societé Imagerie Musculosqueletique).

We choose the ankle and foot region since, because of the superficial position of most of their structures, it can be optimally explored by ultrasound (US). All the tendons, most of the nerves and vessels of this region can be accurately assessed, statically and dynamically, when using a high-definition modern US equipment by a well-trained examiner. Essential prerequisites for successful assessment include in depth knowledge of the normal anatomy and variations, realization of the US examination based on clinical findings and knowledge of intrinsic limits of US.

The first article describes the sonographic anatomy of the ankle. Following articles deal with US appearance of a wide variety of pathologic conditions including ankle impingement syndrome, mid-portion Achilles tendon injury, tibialis anterior muscle and tendon disorders, peroneal tendon tear and, finally, evaluation of hindfoot disorders.

All the articles have been written by well-renowned sonologits including not only radiologists but also clinicians (orthopedic surgeons and family medicine doctors). Authors are from Europe (Italy, France and England) and also from North America (USA and Canada) thus reflecting the widespread diffusion of Journal of Ultrasound.

The articles were written with an effort to help the readers in their every day US practice. We hope you will appreciate our effort during scanning your next ankle and foot region! Have a good lecture.


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