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Elbow nerves: normal sonographic anatomy and identification of the structures potentially associated with nerve compression. A short pictorial-video article

  • Bettina Gregoli
  • Chandra BortolottoEmail author
  • Ferdinando Draghi
Pictorial Essay



To demonstrate usefulness of ultrasonography evaluation of the nerves of the elbow and of the structures that more frequently might cause its compression.

Materials and methods

Anatomic course of nerves, muscles, tendons, fibrous structures and bursae potentially associated with nerve compression syndromes were evaluated. Informed consent was obtained from each volunteer.


Ulnar, median and radial nerves are always evaluable with ultrasonography as well as muscles and tendons potentially associated with nerve compression. The bursae cannot be sonographically explored unless distended by fluid.


Ultrasonography is a reliable method for the evaluation of the nerves of the elbow and of the structures that might cause its compression.


Elbow Nerves Sonography 


Scopo del lavoro

Dimostrare l’utilità dell’ecografia nella valutazione dei nervi del gomito e delle strutture che più frequentemente possono causarne la compressione.

Materiali e Metodi

Sono stati valutati il decorso dei nervi del gomito e muscoli, tendini, strutture fibrose e borse sierose potenzialmente associati a sindromi da compressione. E’ stato ottenuto Il consenso informato da ciascun volontario.


I nervi ulnare, mediano e radiale sono sempre valutabili con l’ecografia come i muscoli e i tendini potenzialmente associati a compressione del nervo, le borse non possono essere valutate se non distese da liquido.


L’ecografia è una metodica affidabile per la valutazione dei nervi del gomito e delle strutture che potrebbero causare la loro compressione.


Conflict of interest

Gregoli Bettina, Bortolotto Chandra and Draghi Ferdinando declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Informed consent

All procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional and national) and with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000 (5). All patients provided written informed consent to enrolment in the study and to the inclusion in this article of information that could potentially lead to their identification.

Human and animal studies

The study was conducted in accordance with all institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals.

Supplementary material

Supplementary material 1 (MPEG 23064 kb)


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Copyright information

© Società Italiana di Ultrasonologia in Medicina e Biologia (SIUMB) 2013

Authors and Affiliations

  • Bettina Gregoli
    • 1
  • Chandra Bortolotto
    • 1
    Email author
  • Ferdinando Draghi
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Radiology, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San MatteoUniversity of PaviaPaviaItaly

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