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Total Artificial Heart Technology: Where Are We Now?

  • Robert M. ColeEmail author
  • Francisco A. Arabía
Thoracic Transplantation (J Kobashigawa, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

The intended goal of this paper is to review current indications, available devices, and future directions of total artificial heart therapies. Throughout the paper, we sought to help clinicians identify appropriate patients who might be considered for total artificial heart therapy, highlighting the most current data regarding outcomes and adverse events.

Recent Findings

The INTERMACS report on the total artificial heart has recently been published in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation and represents the largest study to date on available TAH therapies. Notable findings include better outcomes at experienced centers, likely a result of appropriate patient selection, timing, and management of device therapy.


There are multiple new types of total artificial hearts under development. Having learned from prior experience, and with increasing use and standardization of peri- and post-operative management, there is hope of ongoing success in improving care for those with advanced heart disease and biventricular failure with the use of this technology.


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Compliance with Ethical Standards

Conflict of Interest

Francisco Arabia is a survival trainer for SymCardia and a consultant for Carmat and Bivacor. Robert Cole declares no conflict of interest.

Human and Animal Rights and Informed Consent

This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by any of the authors.


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  2. 2.Advanced Heart ProgramsBanner/University of ArizonaPhoenixUSA

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