Effect of welding parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of AA7075/AA5182 alloys joined by TIG and MIG welding methods

  • Edip ÇetkinEmail author
  • Yahya Hışman Çelik
  • Şemsettin Temiz
Technical Paper


In this study, V and X welding grooves were opened to the forehead positions of the AA5182 and AA7075 aluminum alloy pairs and these alloy pairs were joined with tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) methods. Three different welding currents were used in joints. Gas flow rates of 12 and 17 l/min at the TIG welding and wire feed rates of 38 and 45 cm/min at MIG welding were selected. The effect of the welding grooves, welding current, gas flow rate and wire feed rate on microstructure and mechanical properties were investigated. Microstructures of welding zones were analyzed by an optical microscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Vickers hardness of these zones was also measured. In addition, tensile and fatigue tests were carried out. Fracture mechanisms of failed specimens were conducted after the tensile tests were examined by using SEM. The highest hardness, tensile and fatigue strengths were obtained from the alloy pairs joined by opening X welding groove with TIG welding method. These values were 89 HV, 262.87 MPa, and 131.5 MPa, respectively. Similarly, the lowest tensile and fatigue strengths were obtained from the alloy pairs joined by opening V welding groove in the TIG welding method. These values were, respectively, 94.48 MPa and 19.1 MPa. However, the minimum hardness value was measured as 58 HV from the alloy pairs joined by opening V welding groove with MIG welding methods. In addition, it was observed on the fracture surfaces that the grain distributions and mechanisms differed depending on the welding methods, welding groove, and welding parameters.


Aluminum alloys Fatigue strength Microhardness Microstructure Tensile strength 



The authors would like to thank Batman University for the financial support of Batman University Scientific Research Projects Unit (BTUBAP) under the project of 2017-PhD-2.


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