Finite element forced vibration analysis of refined shear deformable nanocomposite graphene platelet-reinforced beams

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In this paper, forced vibration investigation of a nanocomposite beam reinforced with different distributions of graphene platelets (GPLs) in thermal environments is performed by the development of a higher-order refined beam element. The developed beam element contains ten degrees of freedom related to axial, bending and transverse shear displacements. A uniformly distributed dynamic load with harmonic oscillations is exerted to the nanocomposite beam. Different GPL distributions such as uniform, linear and nonlinear are considered. Convergence studies of the obtained results from the finite element method are also provided. Also, the obtained results based on the presented solution are verified with a previously published paper on vibration of GPL-reinforced beams. This research shows that the resonance behavior of a nanocomposite beam can be controlled by the GPL content and dispersions. Therefore, it is showed that the dynamical deflection is significantly affected by GPL weight fraction, type of GPL distribution, temperature change, elastic substrate and excitation frequency of applied dynamic load.

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  • Forced vibration
  • Refined beam element
  • Graphene platelet
  • GPL-reinforced beam
  • Dynamic loading