Homogenous–heterogenous reactions in Carreau fluid flow with heat generation/absorption: multiple solution

  • Masood Khan
  • Sana Ejaz
  • Humara SardarEmail author
Technical Paper


This research article investigates the two-dimensional stagnation boundary layer flow over a permeable stretching sheet with variable thickness and heat generation/absorption. The heat generation/absorption is taking place due to a homogenous/heterogenous reactions. Viscous dissipation and radiation effects are neglected here. We have utilized the appropriate dimensionless transformations to alter the basic conservation equations into a set of partially coupled ODEs. The related system of reduced ODEs together with physical boundary restrictions is numerically integrated via versatile and extensively validated, MATLAB bvp4c package with Labatto III A scheme. To obtain the numerical solution, problem is governed by active physical parameters, such as viscosity ratio parameter (\(\beta ^{{*}}\)), local Weissenberg number (We), heat generation/absorption parameter (\({\gamma }^{*})\), homogeneous reaction parameter ( K), Schmidt number (Sc), heterogeneous reaction parameter (Ks), ratio of mass diffusion coefficient (\({\delta }\)), mass transfer parameter with suction (\({s>0}\)) and injection (\({s<0}\)). We exhibit and explain the impacts of these active parameters on dimensionless fluid velocity, fluid temperature, fluid concentration, skin friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number by means of tables and graphs. From this study, it is observed that fluid concentration is depressed by higher heterogeneous reaction parameter (Ks). However, Prandtl number (Pr) and heat absorption/generation parameter \({(\gamma }^{*})\) increase the fluid temperature.


Homogenous–heterogenous reaction Heat generation/absorption Stagnation point flow Carreau fluid Dual solutions Labatto III A scheme 



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