Theoretical analysis of single-layered porous short journal bearing under the lubrication of micropolar fluid

  • Biplab BhattacharjeeEmail author
  • Prasun Chakraborti
  • Kishan Choudhuri
Technical Paper


The imperative characteristics of micropolar (non-Newtonian) fluid-lubricated short single-layered porous journal bearing are analysed theoretically by an iterative method. With the presence of very few available data for micropolar lubrication, the results acquired in the present study are compared with previously published results using the conventional lubricant and found to be in the perfect covenant. The modified Reynolds equation in case of micropolar fluid is derived and solved numerically to investigate bearing characteristics and to show the comparison with published results in the form of design charts. The results established that the micropolar fluid significantly improves lubricating conditions and load capacity as compared with the corresponding Newtonian case. It has been observed that micropolar fluid-lubricated porous journal bearing gives high load-carrying capacity than other conventional lubricants.


Porous journal bearings Micropolar lubricant Modified Reynolds equation Load capacity Stiffness 

List of symbols


Radial clearance




Eccentricity ratio \(= e/c\)


Bearing length


Radius of the journal


Thickness of porous layer


H in non-dimensional form


Micropolar fluid film thickness


Non-dimensional film thickness


Permeability of porous medium


Characteristic length of micropolar suspension


l in non-dimensional form


Coupling number


Micropolar fluid film pressure


p in non-dimensional form

x, y, z

Coordinates in Cartesian form


Circumferential coordinate \(= x/R\)


Absolute viscosity

\({\beth }\)

Micropolar (spin) viscosity


Pressure inside the porous layer


Velocity of fluid flow through the porous layer


Bearing number


Permeability parameter


Mass flow rate


M in non-dimensional form



u, v, w

Components of fluid velocity in X, Y and Z directions


Micropolar fluid film velocity


Load-carrying capacity


W in non-dimensional form


Coefficient of stiffness


K in non-dimensional form



The author(s) would like to acknowledge the editor and the reviewers for their valuable instructions and suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscript.

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  • Prasun Chakraborti
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  • Kishan Choudhuri
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  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringNIT AgartalaAgartalaIndia

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