Static analysis of sandwich plates embedded with shape memory alloy wires using active strain energy tuning method

  • Bahareh Akhavan-Rad
  • Mohammad Mahdi KheirikhahEmail author
Technical Paper


In this study, static analysis of sandwich plates with flexible core and composite face sheets embedded with shape memory alloy (SMA) wires in the face sheets is conducted. Third-order plate theory is used to model face sheets, and quadratic and cubic functions are assumed for transverse and in-plane displacements of the flexible core. Continuity conditions of transverse shear stresses at the interfaces between face sheets and core and the zero transverse shear stresses conditions on the upper and lower face sheets are satisfied. Also, transverse flexibility and transverse normal strain and stress of the orthotropic core are noted. The SMA wires are placed in the laminated composite face sheets. Constitutive equation of the SMA wires is employed for modeling their behavior. Nonlinear equations of motion and boundary conditions of sandwich plates are derived using Hamilton’s principle. The nonlinear governing equations of the simply supported sandwich plates under uniform and sinusoidal transverse loads are solved based on Navier’s method. The effect of activating embedded SMA wires on bending behavior of composite sandwich plates are investigated using the active strain energy tuning method. The Liang’s constitutive model is employed to obtain the SMA wires recovery force. The obtained results show that activating SMA wires causes a decrease in the deflection and stresses in these plates.


Shape memory alloy Analytical solution Composite Sandwich plates Bending analysis 



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