Numerical study of peristaltic motion of non-Newtonian fluid at high Reynolds number in an axisymmetric tube

  • Tariq Javed
  • Abdul Haleem HamidEmail author
  • Nasir Ali
Technical Paper


In the present investigation, we have studied numerically the peristaltic motion of micropolar fluid through a circular tube without imposing low Reynolds number and long wave length assumption. Galerkin’s finite element method has been used on the governing Navier–Stokes equation in the form of \(\psi - \omega\). The current study obtained the microrotation and streamline line directly from governing equations. The graphs of computed longitudinal velocity and pressure are plotted against different value of emerging parameter using stream function and vorticity. We observed that for small value of coupling number and microrotation parameter, the rotation of fluid particles is much faster than that for large value of coupling number and microrotation parameter.


Micropolar fluid Peristaltic flow Axisymmetric flow Finite element method 


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