Free vibrations of rotationally restrained nonhomogeneous circular beams by means of the Green function

  • L. P. KissEmail author
  • G. Szeidl
Technical Paper


A one-dimensional linear model is developed to tackle the free vibrations of nonhomogeneous circular beams. The material distribution can depend symmetrically on the cross-sectional coordinates. It can be either continuous (functionally graded materials) or constant in the layers that constitute the beam (multi-layered material). The end supports are identical rotationally restrained pins by means of linear rotational springs. The extensibility of the beam centerline is incorporated into the mechanical model. We determine the Green function matrix of the related problem in closed form. With this in hand, a numerical technique (based on the Fredholm theory) is used to tackle the vibratory problem. Thus, it is possible not only to get the eigenfrequencies but also to find out how the spring stiffness affects the dynamic behavior. Graphical results contribute to the better understanding of the issue.


Circular beam Nonhomogeneous material Green function matrix Free vibration Rotational restraint 


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