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New ABB Sequential Turbocharging System — Fuel Savings for Large Two-stroke Engines

  • Joachim Bremer
Cover Story Supercharging

ABB Turbocharging launches its new sequential turbocharging system for two-stroke engines. It allows maximum fuel savings at part and low load, and at the same time maintains the flexibility to go to full engine output immediately. This offers significant long-term economic benefits for vessel operators and charterers with potential for fuel savings of up to 3 %, depending on load profile.

Addressing the Drivers for Improvement

The shipping industry is well accustomed to adapting to pressures for change and driving for continuous improvement. While many developments have been driven by commercial needs, new directives, both international and local, have created significant pressure for operators to improve performance. Some challenges have been managed by changing practices, and the availability of improved technology has been crucial to progress.

When fuel prices rose, practices such as slow-steaming were introduced to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, but most vessels were...

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