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CIMAC | Update 2017

To constantly further large engine developments and raise global awareness of the contribution of large engines to the world economy, CIMAC planned an ambitious programme of events in 2017.

At the half-way-stage CIMAC can report on successful events in the first half-year and on an expanded programme for the second half-year.

The basis of the programme is the established CIMAC CIRCLES at Power-Gen Europe and Marintec, the first CIMAC Circles at the NorShipping and INMEX SMM 2017 marine trade shows in Norway and India respectively, and the 8th CIMAC CASCADES in Helsinki, Finland and 9th CASCADES in the USA.

Augmenting these events, we have now also decided to continue to partner the “Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium 2017”. In addition, the Japanese CIMAC NMA, JICEF, will organise a local CIMAC event in cooperation with The Japan Institute of Marine Engineering (JIME), The 11th International Symposium on Marine Engineering (ISME).

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