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“One of our basic principles is to complement simulation with experiments”

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Since as far back as 2004, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Wachtmeister has been Chair of the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines at the Technical University of Munich. In an interview, he explains which projects he is currently working on and what the gas and diesel engine of the future will look like.

MTZindustrial _ Can you outline the full extent of the activities and the special competences of the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines of Technical University of Munich?

Wachtmeister _ We presently have a lot of activity on the gas engine side, ranging from applications for small engines right up to engines of around five litres per cylinder. For example we are conducting research on a lean burn combustion process for a four-cylinder engine producing 20 kW for use in a mini cogeneration plant. And on our large single-cylinder research engine current themes are emissions of formaldehyde and mean effective pressures up to 30 bar.

The greater part of our research focus is, however, on car...

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